Obsessed with streets by Doja Cat? Listen to these songs now

R&B vibes only

Written by Georgia Chappell

May 19, 2021

doja cat street missguided

So it’s safe to say everyone has been obsessed with Doja Cat for a while now. The Kiss Me More singer has officially taken over the charts with hits like Say So, Like That, and Juicy. But one song that is arguably one of her best is Streets – a dirty R&B sound with Doja’s light and airy lyrics on top. It’s just so addictive. So, if you are seriously missing the Doja Cat Streets high, we thought we would put you on some similar songs for your main character moment. Keep reading to find out more.

Check out our top picks below for all the Doja Cats – Streets outfit inspiration you need in your wardrobe.

Songs with the same vibe as doja cat: streets

If you wanna recreate the Doja Cat: Streets aesthetic, check out these smooth R&B songs below.

mura mura – move me ft octavian

h.e.r – hopes up

brent faiyaz – rehab (winter in paris)

h.e.r – still down

rihanna – james joint

P.s Listen to the song ‘slowed and reverbed’ for the ultimate vibe.

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