Missguided Discovered – YAS

We chatted all things music, aspirations, advice and more…

Written by Georgia Chappell

May 21, 2021

yas on blue background looking upwards

We chatted to Yas about all things music, passions, and career advice. Yas is officially on the rise after the release of her new EP ‘Blue’. Filled with silky smooth vibes, this songstress needs to be on your radar.

yas q+a

Hey Yas, how you doing?

I am vaxxed and waxed baby. Doing peachy, staying busy and healthy and in desperate need of a beach vacation.


Congrats on your new EP Blue, how did you find your signature sound?

I’ll tell you when I find it. It’s an ongoing process, especially with the range of my musical interests. I’m constantly experimenting between genres and wanting to explore what feels fresh in those moments.

When I think about what I love about making music, it is less about loving singing and more about loving the feeling I get from creating an idea from scratch and incorporating my vocals to tell a story. I think ultimately that’s the power of singing and what I love about it- unlike other instruments you can use words to convey feelings and touch your audience. 

Taking on singing was like taking on a new instrument. Although I have the musical background from my classical training as a violinist, ultimately they are completely different instruments that require different techniques and a different skill set. Its been fulfilling seeing my growth as a vocalist and I am excited to continue to get better. 

What is your favorite topic to write about?

It’s easy to write about love in a vague sense, but lately, I have been trying to broaden the range of topics to keep it interesting. I think as I get older I am also more interested in being able to capture the things we struggle with or experience outside of a simple betrayal or break up; the intricacies of being in a long-term relationship, what defines success, and overall happiness.

Putting out the song “worth it” for me was a big moment for me. It is my most personal song and being able to share that with an audience felt very cathartic for my growth. 

I recently found out that I was eligible to receive 4 Grammy certificates for my violin work on other people’s projects. Although my role is minute, I felt happy getting recognition for my violin playing as it is a huge part of my musical career and life. 

If you could work with anyone in the industry, who would It be and why?

I would be very interested to work with producers like GRADES and DMile – these are incredible producers with inspiring sound choices and production aesthetics that I truly enjoy. I think working with people I can learn from like that would elevate my music.

yas blue ep pic

What did you do to occupy your time when the world went into lockdown?

I think I did the same things others did- watched a lot of tv, tried to implement a workout regimen and failed, drank a lot, and spent more time outside. I started jogging and biking to the beach. I would go on picnics. I realized this was something I didn’t prioritize before lockdown and now I truly enjoy being outdoors. I also watched the entire Marvel Comic Universe movie series.

yas blue ep pic

Do you have any advice for people wanting to follow their dreams?

Look forward, not around. It’s not linear, it is going to take time, and you have to be okay with that.


Fave take out? Sneaky Pork from Hoy Ka (Thai) 

Go to vacation destination? Amalfi Coast 

3 staple wardrobe pieces you couldn’t live without? White AF1, Pink Courderoy Jacket, Monochrome set extra baggy 

Best album ever? Blond, Frank Ocean