Missguided Discovered: Shae Universe

We chatted all things music, aspirations, advice and more…

Written by Georgia Chappell

July 20, 2021

Shea Universe q+a article missguided discovered

We chatted to Shae Universe about all things music, passions and career advice. Shae Universe is officially on the rise after the release of her single ‘111’. Filled with silky smooth vibes and a divine nature, this songstress needs to be on your radar.

shae universe q+a

Hey Shae, how you doing?

I’m great thank you! Getting prepared for the release of my first ever project in the coming months so I’m feeling grateful and excited.

Shea Universe Q+A Missguided

Congrats on the release of 111, how did you find your signature sound?

? Thank you! Ha, I’d definitely say I’m still finding my signature sound. But the ‘R&Drill’ sound I’ve been experimenting with recently was first suggested to me by a producer named OJ. It was random but it just worked.

? I would say my awareness of my angel numbers started in early 2020 after I came back from Grammy week. The month before, I’d taken my first ever solo artist trip to New York and the apartment I was staying at was number 111. I didn’t think anything of it at the time but shortly after I got back I just started noticing the number everywhere and now that I truly understand what it means for my life I feel super comforted whenever I see it – which is everyday now (coincidentally), without fail, by the way.

Who’s a singer you admire and why?

Off the top of my head I’d say Beyonce. Obviously she’s one of the greatest all-round performers to ever do it, but outside of that I really respect how she’s maintained her privacy and always kept it classy. I love that everyone respects Beyonce, regardless of whether they personally like her or not. That is power. I’d love to gain that same respect from the world and music industry someday.

What topic are you excited to make music about in future?

? Intimacy. I’ve always been quite censored with my music and writing style because my mum is a gospel singer and my dad is a pastor. However, as I grow more into myself and my womanhood, I’d love to experiment with both tasteful and provocative ways of writing about intimacy. I feel like it would unlock another level of confidence and freedom within me.

Shea Universe Q+A missguided

What’s your favourite pick-me-up album?

Kirk Franklin – The Nu Nation Project

Best career highlight so far?

Hmmmm, I can’t actually disclose that yet as it hasn’t been revealed to the world yet but everyone will know soon 😛

Only pursue this career if you love music with everything in you. It’s not easy in the slightest.


Eat out or homecooked meals? Eat out (but the food must be top tier)

Fave cocktail? Pornstar Martini or Strawberry Daiquiri

Clubbing or a pamper night? PAMPER ME

Go to vacation destination? The Bahamas. I’ve never been but I reallyyyy want to go.

Shout out to Shea Universe, we’re sending all the positive vibes your way.

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