Missguided Discovered: Meg Delacy

We chatted all things life, career advice and more.

Written by Georgia Chappell

February 8, 2021

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Meg Delacy is on the rise, and there’s no slowing her down. The Los Angeles native incorporates glossy pop beats into her R&B melodies. Meg Delacy has also just released her highly anticipated single ‘Body’ which you can check out here. We caught up with her to find out more.

Having achieved massive success as an actress, starring in the popular DC show Stargirl, Meg Delacy made her musical debut in 2018 with her first single ‘Bruises’. An electro-pop banger showcasing Meg’s powerhouse voice.

If you don’t know, get to know. Meg Delacy is already a massive name and is known for her silky smooth vocals. We chatted to Meg about all things music, acting, career highlights, and advice. Keep scrolling for the full interview.

Meg Delacy Missguided

meg Delacy q+a

Hey Meg, how are you doing?

Hey! Currently sitting at a coffee shop outside in Atlanta Georgia freezing a little, but the sun is out and my coffee is warm so pretty good.

How have you been keeping yourself busy with all the restrictions?

During the quarantine, I had just moved to a new place so walking around the neighborhood and getting to know the streets and different hiking trails became my source of keeping busy. I also painted a little to keep my white walls alive. Luckily we started shooting the second season of Stargirl in October so since then shooting has been keeping me active and I am so grateful for it.

When I booked Stargirl I actually wasn’t too familiar with the DC universe as a whole, but as soon as I got a taste of what the world was it wasn’t hard jumping in and falling in love with the incredible characters and their visuals.

When did you realize you could turn your love of music into a career?

Not until I picked up the guitar around the age of 14 and started playing gigs around LA. Before then it was difficult to share my music with people. A mobile instrument opened up so many doors and it also gave me the confidence to become a songwriter.

Do you prefer acting or singing?

I get this question a lot and I’m in love with both! I believe the two complement each other well but it’s hard to get the ball rolling or even stay fully focused if you aren’t putting 100% of your dedication into one or the other. I’ve found within the last few years that one would take priority – shifting every year. I love acting and jumping into a world that isn’t my own but I love making music, it keeps me vulnerable and honest with myself.

Meg Delacy Missguided

Most crazy career experience so far?

Stargirl hands down. From migrating to a new city and living there part-time to all the stunt training they have us do. The fantasy ride on this show is absolutely real and it’s amazing making the show from the beginning and seeing the finished product (there are so many cool effects)

Congrats on your new single ‘Body’, it’s fire! When did you discover your signature sound?

Thank you! Not until I met my producer Jayme Silverstein did I really find a home for my sound. Vocals are one thing but signature composition definitely takes time. We spent ALL 2018 in the studio writing and experimenting with different flows, bass beats, guitar riffs and finally found our comfort zone. Our studio time almost became therapy sessions giving me space to really write what I wanted.

“Some advice:

With music – be honest with your words and own your masters!

With acting – its’ an endurance sport. Keep at it and remind yourself why you love it. Resilience is key because of the amount of rejection you face. Usually, it’s all out of your control, I promise. Overall be patient with yourself.”

Meg Delacy Missguided


Top 3 Albums growing up? Rilo Kiley- Under the Blacklight, Peter Tosh- Equal Rights + LCD Soundsystem’s debut album

Who would you love to collab with in the future? No one in specific but I would LOVE to eventually create a reggae album…so any roots reggae artist.

Most worn item of clothing RN? My hoop earrings and all of my scrunchies

Fave comfort meal? Pad See Ew

Fave vacation destination? Lake Powell, Arizona

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