How to prepare for an interview – 5 tips you can try

Tips from MG HQ

Written by Georgia Chappell

May 11, 2021

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So, we’ve all had a job interview before, right? It’s so exciting but as soon as the date heads closer, the nerves kick in. You start wondering am really good enough, what should I wear to an interview, how do I even answer interview questions, what to bring to an interview and you start thinking about how you would answer common interview questions.

It’s important to remember you are also interviewing them about whether they can meet your needs and goals. Start to perform company research and make sure you know the job description inside and out, and start to bullet point why you would be a good fit for the role. Regardless, remember you need to find ways of standing out to potential employers, so let’s take a deep dive into the interview preparations you can undertake to score any job role.

preparing for an interview? follow these steps

how to prepare for an interview common interview questions what to bring to an interview interview outfit brown jacket cream wide leg pants coffee cream mini bag white sneakers missguided

go over the job description again and again

Starting on your interview prep, use the job description as your guide. This should have a list of the qualifications and experience your potential employer is looking for. Make sure you know this list inside out to help you out on answering interview questions, as you can expect them to be centered around this list.

bullet point how your qualifications/experiance match the job

Make a list of how your qualifications and job experience matches what your potential employer is looking for. You can guarantee your common interview questions will revolve around how you can meet the expectations of the job role. So this is a good way to secure your knowledge in the position.

perform research on the company and role

Make sure you are researching the company you are applying to inside and out. Check out their socials, look at their websites, products/services along with the specific role you are applying for. Make sure you find out average salaries, job reviews and don’t be afraid to snoop and make connections on LinkedIn.

answer common questions

There’s so much research online about potential and common interview questions regarding your role. Do your research and answer as many common questions as you can, that way you wont be caught of guard with any tricky questions.

create a list of questions to ask your interviewer

So, employers love asking ‘do you have any questions for us?’ These days. Its very important that you answer this question, as it shows your eagerness for the role and company. There are so many ways of answering this question. Go with ‘what is the team dynamic like’ or ‘is there anything else I can answer to assure you I am the right fit for this role’. Keep it short and simple without complicating the question.

So there you have it, all the interview preparation ideas you need to smash any job interview. Wondering what to wear to an interview? Check out some of our workwear faves below. A 9-5 outfit doesn’t have to be boring, go for classic silhouettes in bold and interesting colours to stand out at your next job interview. Best of luck, you’re gonna kill it.