Inside MG – How to become a fashion designer

Learn the fashion design tips and tricks from hour in-house designer, Tilly.

Written by Georgia Chappell

May 20, 2021

how to become a fashion designer missguided

Getting to that point in life where it’s time to decide on your future? If you love all things fashion, we’re sure you’ve wondered how to become a fashion designer. Scroll no further, we’re talking to our in-house fashion designer, Tilly to show you exactly what the day-to-day life of a fashion designer looks like, how she got into fashion design her fave pieces on site right now. Keep reading to learn exactly how to become a fashion designer.

interview with tilly – junior designer at misguided

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When did you realize you wanted to become a fashion designer?

I was always artistic from a young age and used to love drawing so throughout school I always chose to concentrate on creative subjects as I knew one day that’s the career I’d love to do, it’s always just felt natural to me and as a teenager, I would constantly be buying fashion magazines and be obsessed with the latest celebrity outfits.

Tilly missguided how to become a fashion designer

How did you turn your passion into a reality?

I researched different avenues I could go into to find the best way to get my foot into the fashion industry and decided on studying a Fashion design degree after my A levels, I always knew I wanted to take work experience and as well as my placement year I would also work on freelance projects for brands while in university to get as much experience as possible

Tilly missguided how to become a fashion designer

What does a fashion designer do on a day-to-day basis?

I work on brands and collabs so It completely varies day to day, whether it’s researching inspiration for the newest collections, creating mood boards and concepts for the range, designing pieces, sending out tech packs, range building, and attending meetings Different weeks can have different lists of to do’s as some weeks will be heavily design based while others will be spent in and out of meetings and ensuring the ranges are looking sensational

Tilly missguided how to become a fashion designer

Did you go to uni/take part in any internships + how did this help your career?

I studied a fashion degree at university in Leeds with a placement year and actually did my internship with the design team at Missguided back in 2017. I think for anyone wanting a career in fashion, internships and placements are the most important things you can do as working within the industry is a whole new ball game compared to studying a degree – so for anyone wanting to take those steps, try and get as much experience as possible, whether its small summer projects for upcoming brands or sandwich years with your favorite designers.

What’s your favourite thing you have designed for MG?

“This Playboy collection is probably one of my favourites as it was the first big project I got to design when I started as an assistant designer after finishing University so it’s always exciting to see the success of Playboy”

how to become a fashion designer tilly pink playboy hoodie missguided

Your fave wardrobe essentials right now?

So there you have it, exactly how to become a fashion designer in the world of fast fashion. If you are looking for a job that’s creative, fast pace and a lot of fun, this is deffo the field for you.

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