4th July – Why do we celebrate Independence Day?

Firework season is about to start

Written by Georgia Chappell

June 3, 2021

Why do we celebrate 4th july why do we celebrate Independence Day missguided USA Flag

Wondering ‘why do we celebrate Independence Day?’, you’re not alone. Keep reading to learn all about why 4th July actually exists. If you are excited about BBQs, family game night, pool parties, and drinking games – this holiday is for you. Scroll no further to learn about Americas fave holiday and plan your Independence Day activities that are Coronavirus approved.

4th july why do we celebrate independance day fireworks missguided

Why do we celebrate independence day?

Each year on July 4th, we celebrate Independence Day. But let’s be honest, this year is going to be very different thanks to Coronavirus. The occasion is usually celebrated by BBQs. parades, concerts, and more with close family and friends. To put it simply, we celebrate 4th July because our country is truly independent. I.e. it isn’t controlled by another country, it doesn’t need the support of anything else to exist, it follows its own rules and people have the freedom to be who they truly are.

Therefore, we celebrate Independence day because we are marking the date from when we truly started to rule ourselves. This is why it’s so important to uphold such a traditional and special holiday.

how to celebrate independence day with restrictions

have a boozy bbq

A 4th July BBQ is an absolute MUST. Grab your favourite food, drinks and family members for an Independence Day to remember.

pool party vibes

4th July is the perfect time to have a pool party. Crack open the beers, pick out your fave bikini and jump in the pool.

family sporting events

Why not switch things up for Independence Day and have a family tournament? We have all the tennis outfits inspo you could need. Our new Playboy Country Club edit has just dropped, filled with sporting outfits for every occasion.

family game night

Just a pre-warning, family game night usually ends in arguments. But if you are after some fun for Independence Day, a game night is the way to go. Try out Incoherent – a game that is the perfect boozy pairing.