What to wear for every gym class

Confidence and comfort is key when it comes to achieving your fitness goal

Written by Liv Grady

January 6, 2022

what to wear for different gym classes

If you want to start a new gym class in 2022, but don’t know where to start, we have got you covered. If you are new to the gym or just looking to start fresh, it can be pretty daunting. Turning up to a spin class or boxing session on your own is nerve wracking, but choosing your gym wear shouldn’t have to be. We wanna take the stress out of the gym class, with an easy guide on what to wear.

If you have found yourself rummaging through your sportswear, trying to decide what leggings are suitable for yoga or whether your should wear a crop top for an aerobics class, we’ve got you covered. With our handy guide, you can turn up to your Soul Cycle lesson, confident in the way you look and feel.

girl wearing msgd pink sportswear
girl wearing msgd pink sportswear

Outfits for every gym class

The new MSGD collection has just dropped at Missguided and it features high-tech sports clothing, guaranteed to help you finish that last rep. Discover moisture wicking finishes, supportive ribbed fabrics, squatproof leggings and more. The whole range has been tested to ensure it helps you get the workout you deserve. Available in sizes 0-22, there is something for everyone.

What to wear for hiit class

If you have been to HIIT class before, you will know that the ‘intensity’ is no lie. From strength training to never ending burpees, this class is guaranteed to make you sweat. For a class like this, reach for a crop top sports bra to keep your top half cool and a pair of super supportive high waisted leggings.

girl wearing crop top and leggings for gym class

What to wear for spin class

Spin class is loud, sweaty and competitive, so in order to make the most of it, feeling comfortable is key. It’s not all about looking good, because even the most experienced of gym girls leave a spin class looking like a hot mess, it’s about keeping cool and not overheating. Try out a pair of biker shorts or supportive form fitting leggings to avoid chafing and add a crop top or loose fitting tee.

girl wearing biker shorts for gym classes


Yoga is just as much about the mind as it about the body, so being comfortable in yourself is key. With such an immersive class, you want to be able to take your mind away from being self conscious or constantly pulling up your shorts. There is nothing worse than a tee falling over your head whilst you try to perfect your downwards dog. For a yoga gym class, opt for comfy but form-fitting gymwear that won’t hinder your headstands.

gym class outfit for yoga

What to wear for a boxing class

If you are starting a boxing or self defense class, then always keep movement in mind when choosing your outfit. Reach for a pair of high waisted leggings with a form fitting finish. This is key, because even the most skilled boxer would struggle to pull up their pants in a pair of boxing gloves. Add a crop top to help maintain your temperature and cool you down in the sweaty studio.

what to wear for a boxing class