5 ideas on how to have a better Valentine’s day long distance

Who says Valentine’s Day long distance can’t work?

Written by Georgia Chappell

February 8, 2021

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Happy Valentine’s Day! If you are celebrating Valentine’s Day long distance, you may feel like you’re missing out on Valentine’s Day cards, loving gifts, romance, and cuddles packed into a one-day holiday. Even if you hate Valentine’s Day, it’s still a way to show your partner just how much you love them. Who doesn’t love a giant teddy bear, red roses, and Valentine’s chocolates? But what do you do if the one you love is thousands of miles away?

Normally, catching a round trip flight would be nothing, but thanks to Coronavirus restrictions and the travel ban, its safe to say that hopping on a jet isn’t going to happen. So, we have created 5 ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day long distance.

How many days until Valentine’s Day?

The countdown is officially on until Valentine’s Day which is on the 14th of February.

How to celebrate valentine’s day long distance

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stream a valentines day movie at the same time

Get your Netflix Party reinstalled to get the event started. This gives you the opportunity to watch the exact same romance movie together and text on the platform while watching it. If you wanna feel close to your partner on Valentine’s Day, Netflix Party has you covered.

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play an online card game together

Whether you like online games like 8 ball pool or you are more into classic games, there is a tonne of games you can play online together. Get the tequila shots out and play a raunchy game to set the sultry tone. We have your Valentine’s Day covered.

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create a spotify list for your lover

Use your Spotify subscription to your benefit and curate a romantic Spotify playlist of all your fave songs. That way, both of you can listen to it together to learn more about your significant other, or just to reminisce about times you spent together. That way, you will feel closer than ever. Valentine’s day long distance made easy.

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write a 365 journal

To be fair, you may have to wait until next year if you wanna complete this journal properly. Whether you are sending this to your love or not, create a 365 journal this Valentine’s Day that documents your year together. This is a special gift your partner can come back to when they’re missing you.

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facetime dinner date

Plan an easy meal that you can make separately to eat at the same time over facetime. Dress up in your fanciest Valentine’s Day dress (go for a sultry ruched bodycon dress to showcase your figure). Don’t forget to grab a bottle of bubbly for a classic Valentine’s Day, but make it long-distance activity.

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Who says long-distance valentine’s day cant work?

With our tips and tricks, Valentine’s Day long distance doesn’t seem so bad at all. Look at it this way, at least you will save some serious dollars. Not only that, you will feel closer to your lover. Check out our sultry lingerie sets to ramp up the sex appeal. There’s nothing wrong with a little tease. Just because you’re long distance, doesn’t mean you can’t spice up your relationship. Take some raunchy pics and let the imagination run wild this year.