How to truly tackle return to work anxiety – 5 steps

You are not alone.

Written by Georgia Chappell

May 13, 2021

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Returning back to work and having massive anxiety about it? Don’t worry, gal. You’re not alone. Return to work anxiety is a real thing, especially after most of us have worked from home for over a year now. Just remember that although what you’re feeling is completely unique to you, everyone is feeling the same.

The good news is workplaces are changing. Covid 19 has shown that working from home is entirely possible and move workplaces have moved to this model. So although you will be going back to work, hopefully it shouldn’t be 5 days a week. Even though this new way of working has become completely comfortable, its important to find ways to reduce your back to work anxiety. Keep reading to learn how to manage this feeling.

return to work anxiety? You are not alone.

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remember to be kind to yourself

This is definitely a unique situation that everyone is currently going through. Just remember that in the office, mistakes are going to be made as we adjust to our new normal. Give yourself time while you get used to your new environment.

make sure you’re prepared

Make sure you understand your needs so you can perceive how you are reacting to your new situation. Be prepared and get ahead of things so you can be in control of what you can influence in the office.

talk to your employer

There is no shame in feeling back to work anxiety. Find ways to talk about your situation with colleagues. If you are comfortable, share your emotions and fears with your line manager. Maybe you can come to a work arrangement agreement.

take a breather

Anxiety usually comes from the unknown, and everything is unknown right now, so it makes perfect sense to have anxiety. Make sure you take time out to relax and research organisations that can help you overcome your fears.

if you need to, always get help

If you are struggling with anxiety at the moment and things become too much, make sure you have someone to reach out to who can assist. There’s no shame in taking time off work for anxiety or depression if you need to.

Just remember that people deal with stress and anxieties in different ways, so you might feel like you’re going through this alone. But we promise, almost everyone is dealing with return to work anxiety. Making an effort to be proactive can help to reduce these negative effects. Having a self care day and getting some new clothes you’re excited to wear will also help you look forward to your first day back in the office. Check out some of our go to office outfits below.