Dating post-pandemic, has this changed for the better?

What will dating look like in a world post-pandemic?

Written by Georgia Chappell

May 13, 2021

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It’s safe to say dating during the pandemic has been…interesting, to say the least. The awkward conversations over Zoom, no hookups whatsoever, sending gifts rather than giving them, bake-off competitions every week, and more. If you think dating during covid was bad, prepare for dating in a world post-pandemic. If you are wondering what that will actually look like, scroll no further. We are deep diving into fully vaccinated dating and what that will entail. Keep scrolling to learn more about your future looking for love.

looking for love in a world post-pandemic

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‘im vaccinated’ – the pickup line of the century

So, the tea is in April, OkCupid saw a 680% rise in the term ‘Vaccinated’ on users profiles and more and more destinations, restaurants, services and more are asking the ‘are you vaccinated question’. So it’s looking more and more like to have a successful dating life, a vaccination is needed. This one we almost saw coming, but it’s still scary to think about.

you’re not immunized, is that a problem?

It’s now safe for fully vaccinated people to sit indoors. But if you are dating someone that hasn’t had the vaccination yet, maybe you should consider keeping your distance and making an appointment to check your overall health. As if you have any underlying conditions, this puts you at a much greater risk.

pandemic ptsd…its complicated

So its safe to say a lot more people are struggling with anxieties and depression like never before. We have gotten completely used to the inside of our homes. Whether you’re working from home, or your family/friends have been around more due to being stuck indoors – this has become our new normal. Breaking out of this to go outside on dates can be overwhelming right now. Plus, many people have lost loved ones due to the pandemic and is something that will effect them for years to come. So make sure you bear this is mind when picking up post-pandemic dating.

people are focusing on themselves rn

People have got really comfortable with themselves thanks to being stuck at home due to Covid, so its no surprise people are starting to craft their own happiness, rather than looking for it in a relationship. People are also focusing on their careers due to job losses and less security. Basically, some people have better things to do rather than dating. So you might notice the dating pool is running a bit dry.

The big take away from this is that dating post-pandemic is going to be hard. But good things don’t always come easily. If you are looking for love, there’s always hope and things will happen when you least expect it. After all, after the year you’ve had, you deserve a little love. Keep your head up and focus on you, we guarantee good things will happen. Check out some of our go to dating outfits to wow your new fling.