National pet day – 4 animal accounts you need to follow

Increase your serotonin levels

Written by Georgia Chappell

April 11, 2021

National Pet Day is here and you know what that means, we are officially allowed to be openly animal obsessed for the day. Our pets are truly our best friends, so celebrating National Love Your Pet Day makes perfect sense. Whether its a dog, cat, bunny rabbit, hamster or stick insect, animals are truly the purest form of love in this world so realistically, National Pet Day should be a national holiday. If you wanna increase your serotonin levels with aesthetic Pinterest inspired animal pics, keep reading to find out which accounts you need to follow.

When is national pet day?

National pet day is on April 11th, set the date in your calendars now.

aesthetic animal accounts to brighten your day

Keep reading to find out all the accounts we love to scroll to boost our mood.

dog blowing bubbles national pet day


two beige cream cats sleeping national pet day missguided


corgi puppy in tulip field missguided national pet day


ginger fox 6th birthday national pet day missguided


hedgehog in sink bath on watermelon floaty Missguided national pet day

serotonin levels officially boosted

Now that we all have a little pep in our step thanks to these adorable pics, make sure to give these accounts a follow for a daily uplift. Unfollow accounts that leave you feeling down and invest into accounts like these that make you excited to scroll. You know we have you covered when it comes to matching with your pooch, check out our fave matching styles below or head to Missguided to shop our new collection.