101 on how to spice up your sex life

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Written by Georgia Chappell

August 2, 2021

how to spice up your sex life couples missguided

Wanna know how to spice up your sex life? Listen, we get it. The early stages of a relationship where you cant keep your hands off each other are obviously the best. But listen, that chemical bath won’t last forever, and when the high eventually wears off, some couples realize that they need to take steps to spice up their sex life.

So, if you wanna learn how to spice up your sex life, you need to determine why. Often this reason is emotional; we want to create different feelings like excitement, feeling wanted, or just feel alive. So, if you wanna get the know-how on how to spice up your sex life and relationship, keep on scrolling.

exactly how to spice up your sex life

how to spice up your sex life intimacy hands holding bed missguided

spice up that foreplay

Couples often forget about the simple act of kissing. This helps you to bond more with your partner and relieves stress and anxiety. Get looking online at sex toys you guys can use together to help relax the nerves. Wanna take it slow? Start off with a hot oil massage? Yes, just a massage (at first) Show your partner some tender love and care.

figure out your partners love language

We have delved deep into love languages and what they mean. Take a look here to discover what kind of person your partner is and how you can show them you care. This doesn’t have to be just sexual, it can be little things like spending time together, physical touch, inexpensive gifts, or cleaning the house.

get creative in the bedroom

Bored of missionary, why not take the Kamasutra for a spin? Try out different positions, even if some don’t work for you. It’s all in the newness and discovery. Sex and intimacy shouldn’t feel repetitive, break out of this cycle by being open to new things. Make sure you get consent from your partner beforehand obviously.

dont forget about the after intimacy

Sometimes it’s easy to jump up after sex and take care of the important bits, but it’s important to spend some time with your partner. Whether you switch on a move, spend some time cuddling, or practicing pillow talk. This all enhances intimacy and ensures you connect with your partner on a deeper level.

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