Which 5 crystal healing you need for an energy reset

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Written by Georgia Chappell

June 4, 2021

which crystal healing you need missguided

It’s safe to say that we could do with some crystal healing in our lives. Whether you are an expert, or just getting started with your quartz crystal collection, we are here to help you with the crystals you need for your very own crystal healing. Think amethyst, rose quartz, citrine, and more. Just remember that crystal healing has been proven to be real and can be very powerful. So make sure to pick crystals that align with your current self and future goals. Scroll no further for the crystal healing you need.

The crystal healing options you need asap


Amythist crystal healing missguided

We all know this is one of the most popular crystals of the moment. Hello, it’s gorgeous. This purple crystal can quel anxiety to ensuring a good night’s sleep and peaceful rest. Amythyst targets the crown chakra allowing physical and emotional tranquility. These include easing headaches, helping with pain relief, and strengthening intuition. People stand by putting an amethyst by your bed to bring great dreams your way.

rose quartz

ROSE QUARTZ crystal healing missguided

This pink crystal is amazing for manifesting love and new relationships. Or if you are feeling stagnant, rose quartz can encourage empathy and a sense of inner peace. Pick this bad boy up no matter your relationship status for a mindset reset.

black tourmaline

BLACK TOURMALINE  crystal healing missguided

This dark crystal not only looks amazing but it also is said to soak up negative vibes and toxicity. This crystal is associated with the root chakra, meaning it can ground you when life feels a little too overwhelming. BRB, adding this bad boy to cart.


CITRINE crystal healing missguided

This bright yellow variety of quartz is perfect to help those that are feeling stuck. So, if you want a jolt of confidence, place citrine on your belly while resting. This crystal is said to loosen up your knotted energy to restore all the good vibes.

clear quartz

CLEAR QUARTZ crystal healing missguided

If you need a life reset, clear quartz is for you. This essential should absolutely be in your crystal collection. This is all about dimming the inner noise so you can focus on your goals. This beauty is also known for its healing properties. Place the clear crystal by the window to soak up all the solar energy it can. This will then transfer to you for a light uplifting feeling.

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