10/10 cocktails you need to try for brunch season

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Written by Georgia Chappell

April 15, 2021

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It’s officially brunch season. We can’t think of anything better than sitting outside in a park with our friends, drinking cocktails, and playing games. We have waited a whole year for this and we are going to make the most out of it. So get your summer and spring dresses brunch ready and get prepping for the summer sizzle. Keep scrolling to get the 101 on what brunch drinks you need to try with your friends this season.

Brunch approved cocktails to try with friend

Strawberry gin

Mix your go-to gin with chopped strawberries and sugar and pour into a Kilner jar. Strain through a filter or muslin cloth before serving this delicious drink.

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Passion fruit martini

Scoop passion fruit seeds into a cocktail shaker, add your fave vodka, Passoa, lime juice, and corn syrup. Add some ice and shake well. Top with prosecco and half a passion fruit each for a moody drink.

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blueberry mojito

Mix blueberries, lemon, and sugar in a jug. Bruise mint leaves and add them to the same jug with lots of ice. Grab your fave rum and sparkling water to top it off.

blueberry mojito missguided brunch cocktails

strawberry mojito

Similar to the blueberry mojito, add strawberries, limes, and sugar to the jug. Bruise the mint leaves once again and add to the jug with a crack of black pepper for a bit of spice. Add ice and stir in rum and sparkling water – YUM.

strawberry mojito brunch cocktail missguided

So there you have it, all the brunch cocktails we will be trying now that it is officially brunch season. Need a new outfit for the day drinking sesh? You know we have you covered. Check out some of our faves below.