6 Best TikTok trends you should jump on now to go viral

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Written by Georgia Chappell

June 17, 2021

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So, you want the blueprint on the best TikTok trends and how to get TikTok famous? You know we have you covered. The key is participating in viral TikTok trends and challenges to push your name onto the For You Page. It’s pretty simple really. You’ve just got to be ahead in the game and constantly jumping on new trends.

To give you a head start, we have listed all of the best TikTok trends you can upload now to guarantee TikTok followers. Scroll no further to start your social media Influencer journey.

best TikTok trends + challenges to jump on now

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‘Dont talk 2 me’

‘Don’t Talk 2 Me’ is a song by Playboy Carti and has officially blown up on TikTok. This trend is so easy to do, once you get the tricky hand movements down that is.


First up we have the Nobody challenge. Not only is this song a low-key banger, written by Mitski. But the general idea is you choose a topic that gives you the Ick and run away from the camera on the beat. Simple, right?

[Adult swim]

Adult Swim [AS] is everywhere on our For You Page right now and is a great TikTok trend to jump on. It’s basically a viral trend reincarnating the random adverts that would play in between kids’ shows as it turned to older segments. Not only is it nostalgic, but it’s also addicting.

‘damn, what is that?’

A personal favorite of ours – ‘Damn, What Is That?’ is as simple as it gets. Literally, pick something you cannot live without like Starbucks for example, and bang a card onto a hard surface. TikTok viewers seem to love this one.

‘period, laughing my ass off’

Simply pick a topic that you get insecure about and recite the words…Thats it. Make sure you’re honest and open. Most viral videos are topics everyone can relate to.

‘oh you dont like that, or do you just not like me?’

If you’re looking for a TikTok trend that has the potential to be really random and funny, this one is your bag. You can literally talk about anything – The weirder the better.

How to get TikTok famous? Best TikTok trends

It’s actually pretty easy to get famous on TikTok. Simply be one of the first to jump on trends, make realistic and relatable content that’s also funny. Make sure you define your ‘aesthetic, like fashion, beauty, comedy, or more. Make sure your fashion is on point regardless. Check out some of our faves right now that will help you go viral.

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