Tiktok inspired baked oats breakfast recipes – 5 you need to try

Get ready to be obsessed

Written by Georgia Chappell

April 5, 2021

missguided blueberry baked oats

So we’re pretty sure you’ve seen the baked oats trend all over TikTok by now and we are officially obsessed. This low-cal breakfast tasted just like a cake, fresh out of the oven. So, we thought we would put together a TikTok-inspired baked oats recipe checklist to get you started. Not only are these recipes delicious, but they are also extremely low in calories compared to how they look and taste. Whether you are feeling baked oats with apples, peaches, chocolate, or anything else really, baked oatmeal is the way to go. Keep scrolling for your new favorite breakfast meal.

baked oats recipes inspired by tiktok

  1. Birthday cake baked oats
  2. Chocolate banana baked oats
  3. Cinnamon roll baked oats
  4. Salted caramel + raspberry baked oats
  5. Biscoff baked oats

birthday cake baked oats

chocolate banana baked oats

cinnamon roll baked oats


cinnamon roll baked oats!! when i die this is what i want to be buried in please & thank you #food #oattiktok #oatmeal #fyp #foryou

♬ Bust Your Windows – Glee Cast

Salted caramel + raspberry baked oats


Been a while since I’ve made baked oats so here’s another recipe 🤩 @myprotein #bakedoatmeal #oats #oatmeal #oattok #healthyrecipes

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biscoff baked oats

Seriously, how the hell can these be so low in calories? If you are obsessed with all things sweet but want to reduce your calorie intake, give these bad boys a go. You can pretty much pair anything with baked oats. Create your own baked oats recipe by combining all your fave flavors for the ultimate breakfast. Check out our fave pajamas to lounge around in while enjoying this tasty breakfast treat.