MG Fits – The weekly influencer edit

The MG Fits you need in your wardrobe

Written by Georgia Chappell

June 10, 2021

MG Fits blue floral dress white corset top blue denim jeans pink missguided active cycling shorts bralette pink corset top cargo pants coord two piece missguided

Need some influencer outfit inspo? We have you covered with how to style your new buys. Discover what our favorite content creators have been wearing this week. From Spring-inspired short sleeve mini dresses, white corset tops, two-piece outfits, Missguided activewear, and oversized denim jeans – all the summer outfit ideas you need to stand the test of time. Keep reading to discover your new fave MG fits.

mg fits of the week styled by influencers


MG Fits pink two piece corset top cargo pants Missguided

Does it get any better than a corset top and cargo pants two-piece in PINK? We think not. Pair with your fave white sneakers and gold jewelry for an Insta ready fit.


MG Fits pink Missguided Active bralette cycling shorts Missguided

Activewear for the streets? Sounds about right. The gym is overrated anyway. Pair with white sneakers, a mini bag and gold jewelry for an elevated everyday outfit.


MG Fits white corset bralette top blue denim jeans missguided

Classic white corset tops aren’t going anywhere. Pair with trending wide-leg jeans and Jordan-style sneakers for an outfit to take you through the day.


MG Fits blue and white flowy dress missguided

Heading out on a date or going out with the girls? Pick up a floral dress and pair it with gold jewelry and nude boots for a classic look.

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