Sunglasses styles for your hot girl summer

No shade – find the perfect style for you

Written by Georgia Chappell

May 13, 2021

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Come rain or shine, we WILL be pairing sunglasses with every single outfit because you never know when the rays will hit. Let’s be honest, sunnies aren’t just to protect your eyes from UV rays, they are a cool-girl accessory for every outfit and they are the ultimate tool for eyeing up someone cute without them knowing.

Everyone has their own personal style when it comes to a pair of shades, from the classic, to the extravagant. So, we are doing a deep dive into some of 2021s biggest sunnies trends for your hot girl summer.

blue tinted sunglasses sean john metalic bag sean john tank top sean john blue pants missguided

SUnglasses FOR 2021


This gal is all about coordination and you can bet any money that she has about 8 pairs, one for every color in her wardrobe. She isn’t afraid to go for the bold look and doesn’t shy away from new trends.

cat eye sunglasses

Cat-eye sunglasses are easily the most versatile of them all. If you wanna slim down your face for an uplifted look, these sunnies are for you.


The oversized sunglasses wearers are probs the most boujee of them all They are channeling their inner celeb moment and they want everyone to know it. They always have their nails done and perfectly laminated brows.


Classics are classics for a reason. The person wearing these glasses has their style nailed down. They are chic, simple, and sophisticated. Catch them in a trench coat, grabbing their third Starbucks of the day.


Let’s hear it for the cool girls. These are the people we all wish we were. Not everyone can pull off micro sunglasses, but the ones who can take it to a whole new level. We can’t work out if we want to date you, be best friends with you, or just be you.

ECLECTIC sunnies

Eclectic sunglasses are for the brave, and we salute you. these are the gals who aren’t afraid to just wear exactly what they want, whatever the weather, occasion, or dress code.

When were polarized sunglasses invented?

Polarized sunglasses were invented in 1929 by Edwin land. All we can say is Edwin, you’re the GOAT.