5 Summer staples that never go out of fashion

Build a more sustainable wardrobe

Written by Georgia Chappell

June 16, 2021

RE_STYLED summer staples headscarf nude wide leg jeans missguided sustainable

If you are feeling a fresh start in 2021, you know we’ve got you. Check out our top 5 staples every girl needs to build a sustainable wardrobe from scratch.

We have just dropped our second RE_STYLD collection which features all the summer outfits you need, made from recycled fibers. These garments are specifically designed to fill out your closet to provide effortless looks, for years to come.

Get back to basics, with a mix of simple outfits to match for any occasion. Elegant and sustainable is the blueprint. Discover the 5 basic items every wardrobe needs. Once you have these items, you can switch out bolder textiles, bright colors, or whatever you want.

We are taking you right back to basics, with mix and match outfits for any occasion. Chic, elegant, and suitable for every dress code. Discover the 5 foundation items that every wardrobe should be built on. Once you own these items, you can start to add bolder colors, prints, and whatever you want.

What does sustainable mean?

Sustainable basically means to maintain at a certain level or rate. With the clothing industry and cotton production massively hurting the environment, we are taking steps to reduce our impact on Mother Earth.


  1. Denim hot pants
  2. Sexy mini dresses
  3. Vest tops
  4. Denim jacket
  5. Platform Sandals

1. denim hot pants

denim shorts

2. sexy mini dresses

staples mini dress

3. vest tops

girl wearing staples rib crop top and cropped blazer

4. denim jackets

staples denim jacket

5. platform sandals

girl wearing black chunky sandals

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