How to wear summer blazers when its hot AF

For the summer sizzle

Written by Georgia Chappell

July 28, 2021

how to style summer blazers linen blazer green bag lilac bikini sunglasses hot rays

Summer blazers are obviously for the win. But sometimes they can be a bit tricky to style when it’s absolutely boiling outside. So, if you wanna learn how to wear summer blazers for the summer season, you know we have you covered. Think bright pink blazers, linen blazers, cropped blazers, and more. These bad boys are so easy to style for the heat. Keep reading to find out more.

our fave summer blazers rn

pink summer blazers yellow bag missguided

summer blazer outfits for the sizzle

This all-green blazer outfit would be EVERYTHING with matching green high heels and a clutch bag.

Sometimes, you can’t beat a nude outfit. Keep it simple with a cropped blazer, matching mini skirt, and some snakeskin heels. Top of the fit with a golden tan and a goddess makeup look.

Hello, orange is perfect for you. This sultry shade goes with just about any completion, so add a burnt orange blazer to bag and pair with a matching two-piece set.

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