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How to wear the street style trend for every occasion

Written by Georgia Chappell

April 21, 2021

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Thanks to Gen Z, it’s officially uncool to wear skinny jeans anymore. So what are we gonna do? Straight leg jeans it is, obviously. Here at Missguided, we have everything from flared leg jeans, wide leg jeans and oversized ripped jeans for every occasion. These bad boys can flatter any shape and work for any occasion. So, if you are after your first pair of high rise straight leg jeans, we have all the womens straight-leg jeans you need. Keep scrolling to find out fave pairs and how to wear them for different occasions.

How to wear flared jeans for every occasion

brunch dates

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picnic plans

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date night

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formal with a twist

recycled blue wide leg jeans missguided

your questions about wide leg jeans answered

What are straight leg jeans?

As the name implies, straight leg jeans silhouette runs straight down to the bottom in line with your legs, rather than hugging your pins. This creates a streamlined and comfortable fit rather than a hugging feel. Gen Z has told us skinny jeans are out and straight leg jeans are in, so we say straight leg jeans for the win.

How to wear straight leg jeans

Womens straight leg jeans look great with almost anything. The blueprint is oversized t-shirts, crop tops, bralettes, or shirts. But honestly, anything can work with straight-leg jeans. Go for whatever you feel most comfortable in for a confidence boost.