Sustainable fashion for a better you

Become more eco aware

Written by Georgia Chappell

June 16, 2021

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Just starting your RE_STYLD 2.0 sustainable fashion journey and feel in the dark? Being more sustainable can often feel confusing at times. You may feel that you cant add much to the sustainable fashion game, but if everyone took steps to be more sustainable in their purchasing, we would be doing mother nature a solid. So if you need a beginner’s guide to sustainable fashion, we have you covered at Missguided.

We are also doing our bit by launching our second RE_STYLED collection, for the sustainability-conscious and eco-aware. Find t-shirts, denim, crop tops, dresses, and more that will not only stand the test of time but are also sustainably made. We have your Summer wardrobe sorted. Keep reading to find out more about sustainable fashion and RE_STYLED collection 2.0.

What is sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion doesn’t mean you have to only shop at Sustainable brands. There are small things everyone can do to make a big impact. Keep reading to find out more.

RE_STYLD collection 2.0 sustainable fashion + why does it matter?

Re_styld text over girl in white crop top and knickers
Re_styld text over girl in crop top and knickers

It’s safe to say that we all want to make better choices when we shop. We want to help you make better choices by empowering you with the knowledge of sustainable fashion. So let’s dive in. Let’s talk about how you can be more sustainable with your fashion right now.

Firstly, check out Vice’s ‘Beginners Guide to Sustainable Fashion’ for a quick summary.


Before making a purchase, make sure you would definitely wear it again and again. Think ‘is it really my style? ‘does it flatter me?’ and ‘would I wear this at least 30 times. If it’s a no, simple. Don’t make the purchase.


Incorporate thrifted items into your wardrobe from time to time. Not only will this allow for more unique styles in your wardrobe, but you will also be slightly decreasing demand for cotton and plastic supply chains. If you love your fashion, as most of us do, no pressure to ditch your fave designers. If everyone makes a small step towards thrifting, that will make a big leap in the sustainability game.


If your fave jumper has got a rip in it, don’t be that girl that throws it out. A quick mend will have it looking as good as new. Whether you spend an hour crafting with a needle and thread or you take it to the tailor for a mend. You are directly reducing waste and supporting local businesses.


Planning a night out with the girls and dying to get your hands on one of their tops to wear? Borrow it. Why waste money on a top you will wear once for the ‘aesthetic’, when loaning it will save so much waste.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with a repeat outfit. If you are a top fashionista, you should have no issue in making an outfit look different every time you wear it. Be proud of your repeat offender and break down the stigma of being ‘caught’ twice in an item. Not only is this sustainable, but you will save some serious dosh as well, what’s not to love.

girl wearing missguided Re_styld collection 2

So there you have it, being a little bit more sustainable with fashion isn’t as hard as you think and if we as a collective all commit to making these small changes, it will make a big impact on this earth. Who says sustainability means stale clothing? You can still dress to impress and empower yourself through sustainable fashion.

Check out RE_STYLED now for all the sustainable samples your wardrobe needs – perfect for the eco-aware. Treat yourself to some guilt-free garms to upgrade your spring/summer wardrobe.