Pink outfits inspired by 5 Mean Girls characters

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Written by Georgia Chappell

July 1, 2021

pink outfits mean girls pink headscarf pink satin dress missguided

Feeling main character vibes? We’ve got you with pink outfits for your real mean girls moment. Pink outfits will ALWAYS be the blueprint. So we thought, what would the mean girls cast wear in the year 2021? The answer is probably the same thing. ’90s fashion is back and better than ever. So Regine George, Karen Smith, Gretchen Wieners, and Cady Heron are sorted with our MG fits. Keep scrolling for the pink outfit inspiration you need from our fave mean girls.

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When did mean girls come out?

Mean girls officially came out in 2004….What? Where is life going. It seems like yesterday but nope, 17 years have passed. Is it time for a proper sequel already?

pink outfits the mean girls cast would wear today

Regina George outfits

regina george mean girls pink outfits missguided

Our ultimate bitchy QUEEN – Regina George is an icon in her own right. Our girl loves a pink outfit mixed with tones of white and black. Go for a cropped cardigan, a tight white crop top, and a tennis skirt to emulate her look.

karen smith

karen smith mean girls pink outfits missguided

Karen Smith, our favorite airhead was one of the only girls who truly embraced the fully pink outfit, and we’re totally here for it. Grab a toweling top bodysuit, a ruffled mini skirt, and nude high heels for a look Karen would be proud of.

gretchen wieners

gretchen weiners pink outfits mean girls missguided

Gretchen Wieners was a fashionista in the making and had our favorite looks of the movie. This bad b wasn’t afraid to mix and match colors like orange and green into her pink outfits, and how can we forget about the hoops – so FETCH.

cady heron

cady heron mean girls pink outfits missguided

Ah, the girl we love to hate – Cady Heron. Her style could juxtapose the hyper-femininity of pink outfits with masculine oversized silhouettes. To recreate Cady’s style, grab a pink oversized shirt, layer over a lilac top, and white jeans.

So there you have it, all the pink outfits we think the Mean Girls cast would wear in 2021. Check out some more of our favourite pink outfits on site below, or click the link above to shop the full collection.

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