The Missguided Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Get your Mom something she actually wants this Mothers Day

Written by Georgia Chappell

April 12, 2021

This Mother’s Day, we can’t celebrate with the usual traditions of Mother’s Day crafts or a Mothers Day message or spa days, so why celebrate with the usual gifts? Ditch the flowers and chocolate and treat your Mom to something a little different this year. Take a look at our top picks for Mommy.

We’ve rounded up some of the best gifts for Mother’s Day, to show her how much you care about her. Moms work hard and they deserve a special treat every now and then. Choosing a gift can be difficult, especially during restrictions. Many of our usual hobbies have gone out of the window, we can’t go out for a Mother’s Day meal or take her to the theatre, so we have got to get a bit more imaginative. We’ve opted for a number of wardrobe update ideas to help her get back to feeling her amazing self. From loungewear, makeup, heels, handbags, and maternity dresses for new Mamas, we have everything you need for an amazing Mother’s Day.

What day is Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 9th. Get your mom something she actually wants this year, keep scrolling below to find out more.

the mothers day gift guide you need

All the not so conventional Mother’s Day gifts your Mom will actually want.


Nothing makes a gal feel relaxed more than loungewear and a new set of PJ’s. Treat your mum to some new lounge styles. From dressing gowns to co-ords, we have you covered.

makeup – missguided beauty

It’s safe to say that our Moms will often sacrifice new items for themselves so we can get the latest stuff we are craving. Makeup is usually a product out Moms go without. So, why not treat your Mom to some items from Missguided Beauty. Go for foundation, concealer, lipstick, and mascara for the basics she needs.

maternity for new moms

If your partner, friend, or sister is pregnant, why not treat her to some maternity clothes this Mother’s Day? It’s the perfect way to get her excited for the big day and help her feel more herself.


We all know the bottom of our Mom’s handbag is absolutely gross. From old wrappers to receipts, a random purse, and crusty makeup. We think it’s about time you treated your Mom to a brand new clutch bag to make life a little bit easier.

high heels + mules

Whether your Mom is a big fan of sneakers, mules, high heels, or boots, we have all the footwear you need at Missguided to surprise her with on Mother’s Day.

What to do for Mother’s Day?

Think outside the box this year. Go for homemade crafts, afternoon tea, or a movie night, all from the comfort of your own home.

What to write in a Mother’s Day card?

We all know our Moms are obsessed with Mother’s Day cards and they usually keep hold of them forever. Don’t be afraid to write down everything you get too embarrassed to say out loud.

What to get Mom for Mother’s Day?

Were you not just reading, gal. We just gave you unconventional options for your Mom. Ditch the flowers and chocolates and go for something your Mom will actually want this year.