Cute bucket hats to add to cart for summer 21′

The bucket hat’s comeback is a thing

Written by Georgia Chappell

July 23, 2021

blue bucket hat missguided orange shirt

Scrolling through the gram and noticing bucket hat after bucket hat. No wonder, these bad boys are making a comeback in a big way. So if you’re after investing in hats for women, you’ve come to the right place. We have cute hats in pastel colors, trending brown tones, and black grunge vibes. Keep scrolling to learn how to style bucket hats for your summer 2021 revival.

trending hats we’re loving for summer

blue bucket hat floral pants cropped bralette missguided
Via Pinterest

bucket hats on missguided rn

neutral brown bucket hats

These beauts are perfect for the transitional season RN. Pair with a monotone brown cardigan and tailored pants for a put-together day outfit.

pastel bucket hats

Coconut Girl vibes or what? Pair a pastel pink hat with a scarf top, wide-leg pants, sneakers, and don’t forget beaded jewelry for an Insta girl outfit.

black bucket hats

Returning back to the office and CBA doing your hair every single day. Why not throw on a black hat? Pair with fitted pants, a sweater, and heeled boots for a chic look.

how to style a bucket hat

Check out some of our fave pieces below that will look killer for summer 2021.

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