Best puffer jackets for women

Its officialy cozy season

Written by Georgia Chappell

September 15, 2021

best puffer jackets for women green puffer jacket cropped puffer jacket

Somehow, Fall has come in a blink of an eye, and it’s already time to transition our wardrobes from floaty dresses and floral skirts to all things warm and cozy puffer jackets. So if you’re looking for your new fall coat, we have you covered.

Puffer jackets are officially the new winter flex. Think trending white puffer jackets, cropped jackets, long jackets, and jackets with a hoodie. We have the perfect style of coat for you. Keep scrolling to find the best puffer jackets for women.

Btw, if you’re wondering what to wear for a festival, these bad boys also have you covered.

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best puffer jackets for women you need this szn

best puffer jackets for women camel puffer jacket cropped puffer jacket

the pink puffer jacket

If you’re looking for a feminine twist on the masculine puffer jacket style, we have you covered with pink jackets for everyday wear.

the puffer jacket with hoodie

Curled your hair to perfection and it’s just started raining? Classic. We have you covered with jackets with a hoodie to keep your hair and makeup looking fresh all day.

the cropped puffer jacket

Cropped jackets are super popular atm and are a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe. Throw over your work outfit, out-out outfit, or anything in between for an extra layer of warmth.

the long puffer jacket

Wanna make a serious statement? Go full matrix style with a long jacket. For the perfect mixture of comfort and style, a long, oversized jacket is the ultimate fall coat.

the beige puffer jacket

If you’re looking for a classic coat, go for beige. Always.