Alissa Janay – How to style the collection

The Fast Tracks Edit

Written by Georgia Chappell

April 29, 2021

alissa janay cut out jersy oversized jumper dress lacy up knee high heels long braid missguided

Our edit with killer designer Alissa Janay has finally launched. Think corset styles, Motorcross designs, color block graphics, and more. Your summer wardrobe is officially leveled up. Keep reading to see our favorite pieces from her collection, our official Alissa Janay interview, and more.

Alissa janay parkling lot varsity jacket green pants sneakers missguided
Alissa janay parkling lot varsity jacket green pants sneakers missguided

Alissa q+a

What’s your favorite piece from the edit and why?

I love it all but I have three specific favorites that I will wear over and over again. The first one is the sweatshirt dress, I love all the little details. Number two is this varsity-style bomber, I love the colors, and it’s so comfortable. My third piece is the little crop top, it’s perfect with jeans, sweats, and sneakers.

alissa janay ruched white top blue leggings missguided

What are you most excited to wear from the edit when things go back to normal / when we can go out?

Hands down it has to be the sweats dress, pair with high heels, and the outfit is done. It’s my fave because it’s sexy but so comfortable.

alissa janay orange crop top blue wide leg denim jeans missguided

What is one piece that’s your absolute staple / goes with everything?

It has to be a crop top hands down. You can dress them up or down, they go with sweats, sneakers, heels, skirts – whatever you want. They are SO flattering as well.

half grey half green oversized t shirt white pants missguided alissa janay

What fellow influencer would you love to see in the edit / who do you think would style it well?

I’m obsessed with Jess Hunt. She makes everything look so flawless so it would for sure be her.

checked shit dress alissa janay missguided
checked shit dress alissa janay missguided

Check out some more of our must-have pieces from the collection below or click the link above to shop the full Alissa Janay edit.

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