5 Tiktok approved beauty trends you need to try

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Written by Georgia Chappell

April 19, 2021

So it’s safe to say that everyone is obsessed with TikTok and the platform is truly starting to predict trends in the fashion and beauty spaces. So, if you are all about jumping on trends as soon as they land, TikTok is a good place to keep an eye on. There are some interesting trends going on at the minute that we think you should jump on, from claw clips, Gua Sha’s, the 2021 version of contouring, and more. We have you covered with the latest beauty and skincare trends at Missguided. Keep reading to find out more.

Tiktok inspired beauty trends u need to try

new age contouring + highlight

So we all know makeup trends are constantly changing, but this new trend really does have the ability to lift your face and create a youthful appearance. All you have to do is place your contour, highlighter and blush slightly higher than usual to create a higher cheekbone affect. Check out Missguided Beauty for a fresh full face look.

return of the claw clip

The ’90s style claw clip has officially made its entrance back into the fashion world and we’re glad for it. Its safe to say that we are sick of pulling hair ties out after a long day and ripping 20 hairs out with it. The claw clip is a gentle alternative and also looks amazing – what’s not to love?

the gua sha technique


Duet in a week to see what my gua sha results are!

♬ Brown Skin Girl – Spackles

The ancient Chinese ‘Gua Sha’ technique has officially blown up on TikTok and beyond, with celebrities like Lizzo even joining in on the trend. If you are feeling a bit puffy and in need of a cleanse, we suggest picking up one of these bad boys to drain toxins from your face to create a tight and youthful appearance.

full coverage + lightweight foundation


Is this actually worth the hype or wut??????I try NEW KVD Beauty Good Apple Foundation Balm! @KVDBeauty #AD #goodapple

♬ original sound – GLAMZILLA

Everyone is currently raving about the KVD Beauty Good Apple Foundation for its extremely full coverage effect that still feels lightweight on the skin. However, reviewers are noticing it isn’t the most long lasing with an oily sheen appearing after a couple of hours. A good dupe for a full coverage yet lightweight foundation is our Meet Your Match Demi Matte Foundation which is long lasting, vegan and cruelty free. Give it a go to upgrade your makeup game.

so eyebags are apparently a thing now?


@sarathefreeelf and @abbyrartistry made me do it

♬ Greek Tragedy (Oliver Nelson TikTok Remix) – The Wombats

Tbh we don’t know if this trend is serious or not. Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for dark eye bags becoming a trend – that’s definitely something we can all participate in for free. But this trend shows the positive side of TikTok. Showcase your insecurities because you are definitely not alone. Everybody is beautiful and TikTok does a great job of making everyone feel included.

What is a Gua Sha?

A Gua Sha is a flat crystal with curves that originates from ancient Chinese beauty techniques. Drag the Gua Sha over your face in a series of patterns to drain toxins and create a tight, youthful appearance.

How to use a gua sha?

Drag the Gua Sha over your face in upwards motions to drain toxins. Make sure to be patient, the Gua Sha technique can take weeks before you notice progress. But trust us, it’s worth it.