Nail art trends for summer 2021

All the nailspo you need…

Written by Georgia Chappell

April 20, 2021

summer nail trends yellow nails missguided

Nails are an important and sometimes forgotten accessory that can level up any outfit. As we step into Summer 2021, this is usually the time to reinvent yourself and try something new. So, why not start with your nails? Switch up the nude tones for bright colors and graphic patterns to completely change your aesthetic for Summer 2021. Whatever nailspo you are scrolling for, Missguided has you covered. Take a look at our fave nail art trends for 2021

How to give yourself a manicure?

There are so many options! Fancy an easy-breezy style that doesn’t involve much upkeep? Go for gel nails – these are guaranteed to stay in place and are also pretty healthy for your nails. Want to go all out? Get yourself some acrylic nails to have perfect claws for winter. Balling on a budget? Easy. Hone in on your skills and just paint your nails at home. All you need is a nail file, buffer, nail polish, and a topcoat. Missguided has nail options for every preference or occasion.


Give these nail art trends below a go to reinvent yourself for 2021. After all, this year has been utter crap. Try something different for a new lease of life as we step into the New Year.


Go for loose waves and curves on your nails in your fave bright colors to stand out in the new year. Pair with a colorful corset top, your fave white sneakers, and wide-leg denim jeans to complete the look.

nail art trends summer bright fluid lines


Who doesn’t love a bit of polka dot? These nails are predicted to trend hard in summer 2021. Get ahead of the game and pair with a black bodysuit, faux leather trousers, and bright strappy high heels for a cohesive look.

nail art trends polkadots


We know animal print has always been hot, but cow print nails? INSANE. Wear with a white satin bodycon dress and white high heels to complete the look.

nail art trends cowprint


Rainbow nails in pastel tones give off a more mature vibe for the New Year. Pair with a black v neck vest, a black mini skirt, chunky black boots, and an oversized shacket for an insta ready fit.

nail art trends pastel rainbow nails missguided


So there you have it, our fave summer nail art trends at the moment. Try these nails out to switch up your look for the summer sizzle.

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