How to actually use claw clips for a ’90s aesthetic

Level up your hair game

Written by Georgia Chappell

July 1, 2021

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We’re officially obsessed with the claw clips trend at the moment, but we just can’t seem to nail the trend. It’s much harder than people think to utilize the claw clip to make actually cute hairstyles. But the claw clip is so handy when you’re getting ready in a rush and don’t fancy dousing yourself in dry shampoo. So, in celebration of the claw clip, we thought we could learn how to properly style the hair accessory by following useful TikTok videos. Get ready to never have a bad hair day ever again, it will be our secret.

how to use hair claw clips – 4 styles to try

Maybe you are trying to train your hair to last longer than a couple of days between washes, or you just aren’t feeling 20 minutes styling your hair before you go out. Whatever your reasoning for greasy hair, why would we judge? Try out these easy hairstyles using claw clips. Before starting, apply dry shampoo to your roots and tease through to remove any and all white residue.

best products for greasy hair – ’90s style claw clips

the classic claw clip updo

@carolinafreixa shows us exactly how to achieve the classic claw clip look. Its simply an act of twisting your hair around your fingers to get a spiral effect. Secure with the clip and you’re good to go.

the half up, half down claw clip

Who doesn’t love an Ariana Grande-inspired, half up half down look? This look is super simple by @hannahcortez and really forgiving if it’s your first time trying out the claw clip.


I’ll do more parts soon! Hope this helps ✨

♬ La Vie En Rose – Louis Armstrong

the claw clip ponytail

@the_minimal_hair Shows us how to get a beautiful and super unique ponytail to last all day. Twist your hair between your fingers leaving the majority of your hair to hang loose. Secure with a claw clip and leave some strands of hair at the front for curtain bangs.

the claw clip bun

@jamielvandenberg – girl, this is so unique and creative. Try this one out if you just wanna get your hair out your face. Because sometimes hair do be annoying af.

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