Cute Halloween nails for the best spooky season

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Written by Georgia Chappell

September 28, 2021

cute halloween nails scream nails nude nails drip nails missguided

As we step into Halloween szn 2021, this is the time to reinvent your look and try out darker aesthetics, So, why not start with your nails? Go for spooky vibes and try some different nails out of our comfort zone. Whatever cute Halloween nailspo you’re scrolling for, we have you covered. Take a look at our fave Halloween nails for 2021.

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How to give yourself a manicure?

There are so many options! Fancy an easy-breezy style that doesn’t involve much upkeep? Go for gel nails – these are guaranteed to stay in place and are also pretty healthy for your nails. Want to go all out? Get yourself some acrylic nails to have perfect claws for winter. Balling on a budget? Easy. Hone in on your skills and just paint your nails at home. All you need is a nail file, buffer, nail polish, and a topcoat. Missguided has nail options for every preference or occasion.

Halloween nails ideas you need for spooky season

Give these Halloween nails designs below a go to reinvent yourself for spooky season 2021. Try something different for a new lease of life as we step into the szn.

super cute ghost nails

cute halloween nails ghost halloween nails

traditional pumpkin nails

cute halloween nails pumpkin nails

frankinstien zombie nails

cute halloween nails zombie french nails

trending evil eye nails

cute halloween nails fortune teller nails evil eye nails


So there you have it, our fave Halloween nail art at the moment. Try these cute Halloween nails out to switch up your look for the spooky season.

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