a night to possibly remember

This is what to wear on New Year’s Eve, whatever you’re doing.

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Club night

A night out with the girls on new years eve deserves one helluva killer outfit. You need to give the rest of the club a run for it’s money and a fringed mini dress is guaranteed to do just that. Let the dress do the dancin’ and keep the accessories gold and simple.


Family meal

Keep it classy yet cool when it comes to a family meal on NYE. You don’t want any embarrassing nip slips or for the dog to start sniffing around the hem of your dress looking for food. Play it safe with a black but chic jumpsuit, and don’t forget a clutch bag to keep your phone hidden and your aunt off your back for checking your notifications at the table…


House party

House parties are pretty much an ‘anything goes’ scenario. If you wanna dress up and party like it’s ’99 then go for it, who’s gonna stop you? We love a skirt and lace-up crop top coord as it can be dressed up with heels, or look just as good with bare feet at 4am when you just can’t deal with heels any more…

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Quiet night in

You might be staying in on one of the biggest nights of the year but that doesn’t mean you can’t look good too, right? If your plan is to watch fireworks on the TV from the comfort of your own sofa, and with the added benefit of snacks on tap, you need a PJ set to keep you comfy. Keep your toes warm in a pair of unicorn slippers and be safe in the knowledge that you’ll be waking up smug and hangover free whilst the rest of the world starts their new year suffering from too many alcopops the night before.

Times square


If you’re lucky enough to be heading to a big city like New York on new year’s eve with plans to watch the ball drop in Times Square for the new year, you’re more than likely going to be standing outside for quite a while. That’s where a huge, fluffy faux fur coat comes in. Worn over the top of a bodycon mini dress and paired with tights, it means you can withstand the winter temps and able to head to a club afterwards.