She's been slayin' it since 1928, is Drakes #1 fan and is BFF's with Miley. She is a true icon, inspiring people to wear and be whoever they want, ignore the basics and always, always stay wild. Describing herself as 'savage with a golden heart' she is the bad ass 88 year old that we all want to be.

Getting on the naughty list since 1928

Newest babe of Missguided, Baddie Winkle, proves why she's been stealing your man since 1928 in our latest partywear campaign.

how badass are you?

It's good to be bad...Or is it? Take our ultimate badass quiz to see how much of a badass you are..It's lit

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  • Question #1:

    kanye or drake?

  • Drake
  • Kanye
  • Question #2:

    Who would you rather date?

  • Colonel Sanders (KFC)
  • Ronald McDonald
  • Question #3:

    Mean girls or clueless?

  • mean girls
  • clueless
  • Question #4:

    Will you be on...

  • The Naughty List
  • The Nice List
  • Question #5:

    Would you rather?

  • No wifi for a day
  • no new clothes for a month
  • Question #6:

    Your 88th birthday outfit...

  • Bad assy, something short, short with sequins!
  • Stay classy, something age appropriate!
  • Question #7:

    This weekend...

  • Out all night, in bed all day
  • Just find me in bed at all times
  • Question #8:

    Pizza or Pilates?

  • Pizza, always pizza
  • Pilates, namaste
  • Question #9:

    Would you rather be…

  • The newest member of Destiny’s child
  • A Victoria’s secret angel
  • Question #10:

    Do you…

  • Always wing life like your eyeliner
  • Never leave the house without an action plan

"Slayin' it since 1928"

Chillin' with Baddie

That one time when we got to hang out with the badass putting the 'G' in Grandma, this is everything you need to know about Baddie Winkle.


Snog, marry, avoid.

We played snog, marry avoid with Baddie Winkle and it got lit AF!